After the year 1900, the grandfather Luis bought the closed courtyard of Untersotsas. It was a typical Ladin farm house with barn. The whole family lived here, worked on the meadows and fed on the income of cattle and forests. And until the beginning of the 1970s when the first Italian and German tourists arrived in the valley.
In 1972 was built the road and installed the heating. The cows were sold and the meadows leased.
Since 1973, family Valentini offers many guests from all over Europe accommodation. Father Paul and mother Sofia have worked with passion with the tourists who stayed at the House Parüs. This is the new name of the House since 1992. "Parüs" on Ladin means "swamps": in fact it was in the near a swampy area.
Since 2008 the management of the structure is passed by father Paul to his daughter Martina. We are and want to remain a small family business.